Founded in 2018, Terra Cashew was set up with the vision to become Africa’s largest and best cashew processor creating ripple positive effects in the communities we operate. Committed to the highest quality standards and local sourcing, we believe we can positively impact the lives of our employees and of our local farming partners.

Every day we embark on the mission to provide our clients with cashew products of the highest quality in a timely manner and with competitive pricing. We do so by working with local farmers to source Tanzanian cashew nuts that are known worldwide for their taste and shape; by producing at our our state-of-the-art, fully-automated processing plant with an RCN processing capacity of 5,000 MT per annum (15,000 MT per annum by 2020); and by continuously implementing the best food safety practices and providing adequate investment in quality production.


At Terra Cashew, we employ more than 150 persons and provide them with a safe, supportive and inclusive work environment at a newly developed and fully-automated processing plant. We continuously implement training programs to ensure our staff is competent and knowledgeable in their jobs. Our employee working environment conform to latest OSHA norms and we try to go above and beyond to make the working environment as productive and conducive as possible. Terra Cashew is an equal opportunity employer, and we celebrate diversity. More than half of our workforce are women and we are happy to and strive to accommodate special needs individuals and give them the best opportunity to realize their potential.



As a proud member of the local community, Terra Cashew works hand-in-hand with farmers, creates jobs and initiates trainings. We are also happy to take opportunities to give back. At Terra Cashew, we believe that we can shape our future and that for our future to be bright, we cannot leave our brothers and sisters behind. Terra Cashew collaborates with the University of Dar es Salaam, is a Charity Partner of Ocean Road Cancer Institute and a Sponsor of Dar es Salaam Soccer Team.

We, humans, derive strength from our strong belief in community. It is in our nature to be there for our brothers and sisters, and it is in that spirit of oneness and togetherness that Terra Cashew is an active supporter of meaningful community initiatives.

Karan Chauhan
Founder & CEO